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Porla sets the standard: Analysing asphaltenes at a down to 0.05%


The Porla Fuel Analyser is an easy, reliable, and fast analysis instrument that is used for analysing oil compatibility within both, the refining and marine industries. It ensures product quality and the highest safety standards within the blending process, reducing unnecessary maintenance costs and equipment downtime as well as maximising operational profitability.

It is the only analyser in the market that is capable of analysing as low as 0,05% asphaltenes.

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Fuel Supply System Health Checks: A crucial step to maximise operational efficiency and safety


While health checks may not be mandatory, adhering to recommended inspection intervals is essential for maintaining compliance with industry standards and ensuring the safety of maritime operations. Conducting these health checks not only reduces the risk of emergencies and blackouts at sea, but also assures customers of the system’s reliability by identifying where upgrades need to be made.

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Auramarine on China Ship Survey Press


To support the varied needs of ship owners, Auramarine takes a holistic, fuel agnostic and collaborative approach to our fuel supply systems. We want to ensure there will be technology available to support all the fuel choices emerging. 

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Why 2023 is the year to take big strides for maritime decarbonization


It seems as though 2023 will continue at pace where we left 2022; a drive for decarbonization amidst the fast-paced transition and increasing complexity of the marine energy market.  Where there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution for the commercial fleet, but where choosing the right evolutionary pathway for your vessels will require a sophisticated and tailored approach that brings together the expertise of knowledgeable partners.   

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Photo by Marc Coenen: Pexels

Interview with Kpler: preparing for shipping’s future fuels pathways


In conversation with Kpler, our CEO John Bergman and Product Manager Valtteri Vainio discuss our new methanol fuel supply system for marine engines, and why this marine fuel is one of the most promising pathways for decarbonisation.

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Turn-key deliveries

Setting a new standard for Turn-key Lifecycle solutions


Owners and operators have always prioritised saving time and money by increasing operational and procedural efficiencies. While increasing profit margins is therefore not a new concept, our turnkey lifecycle solutions help meet the needs of the modern ship owner.

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Flow meter upgrades

Taking fuels at face value is no protection


Shipowners and operators are facing an even greater need to forward plan, future proof and seek expert advice to meet planned regulatory changes, as well as manage unplanned and unforeseen issues that come along.

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Mr Peter Grunwaldt, Hafnia

Interview with Peter Grunwaldt, Vice President Hafnia Managment


As part of our meet the expert series, we caught…

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Markku Mylly



With the shipping industry gearing up for the implementation of the IMO’s global 0.5% sulphur cap, with less than a few weeks to go, we caught up with master mariner, former seafarer and former executive director of the European Maritime Safety Agency, Markku Mylly, to discuss fuel systems, possible safety repercussions and how best to prepare vessels for MARPOL Annex VI.

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Do you have the right spare parts on board?


In just a few months there will be an acceleration in change within the global marine market. From procurement planning to the technical detail of engine room operations, change is everywhere, and has the potential to impact all levels of operations. With procurement measures, such as spare parts for fuel systems, one of the few factors set to remain the same is continuing to safeguard your vessel to avoid downtime. 

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