Customised Spare Part Kits and Maintenance Plans

Pumps - Minor spare part kit
Candle element
Filter element, by-pass filter
Pressure switch
Valves- Spare part repair kits, various

Optimal wear parts inventory at all times

Our customised spare parts kits can be tailored to match your requirements and help you maintain an optimal wear parts inventory at all times. This solution is based on specialist software, which intelligently suggests a tailor-made spare parts kit for your particular fuel supply system; no more, no less.

You can subscribe to receive an up-to-date, regular free-of-charge suggested wear parts list for your ship or fleet. If adopted, this software-based solution pays off through minimised fuel system downtime and smooth spares administration.

Here is how your customised spare part kit could look like:

Easy-to-order Customised spare part list
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Maintenance plan

Upon request, you can also receive a list of recommended maintenance actions, their frequency and estimated time required for the action, together with the spare part descriptions and product codes:

  • replacement of seals, filter elements, filters, gaskets and other wearing parts
  • cleaning of tubes, sensors, motors, heat exchanger plates and recommended detergents
  • function checks and visual inspections