In-service system support



Maintenance and repairs

Auramarine service engineers are experienced and service-minded, and available globally at short notice. If necessary, they can also recommend any further steps that could be taken to improve your fuel system’s operational efficiency

Commissioning and installations

We carry out start-up and commissioning services for every new fuel system delivery and for retrofits and upgrades. Our well-trained, approved service engineers ensure the correct assembly, function and performance of every system. For complex or special installations, we undertake turn-key project management and take care of the whole project from materials, workmanship and engineering to the delivery and installation of the completed system in its desired operating mode.

Inspections and proactive maintenance prevent disturbances or blackouts

Fuel systems feed the very heart of a ship or power station. They must work continuously and as optimally as possible to ensure performance. There should be no risk of blackouts or shutdowns.

We offer regular inspections and assist our customers to develop planned maintenance schemes, such as:

Annual service inspections

Approved Auramarine service engineers carry out annual health checks and function tests to detect any possible deviations from normal performance and optimal fuel system operation. These can be done on-site, during ship's port calls and while a power plant is on-line. We provide feedback via service reports for recommended actions and improvements, while we keep a history of the system functionality for future condition assessment.

Pre-docking inspections

Numerous fuel system components have to be overhauled and maintained during special surveys and drydocks. Frequently, defects and worn parts are only evident after this overhaul process. By carrying out a pre-docking inspection, about two to three months before a scheduled repair period, we can provide valid indications of system failures and proactively supply genuine spare parts, so that they are available on time, minimising off-hire time in drydock.


Technical Bulletin:  

In order to reduce the risk of costly booster/circulation fuel pump damage, fuel return line strainers are strongly recommended as part of shipyard delivery

Updated 26.11.2020