Process Industry

Auramarine offers a wide range of auxiliary units for the process industry to fulfil a range of operational needs including lubrication, heating, cooling, and excess fuel recovery. 

Modular units

Auramarine units are modular and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest of standards. Factory acceptance tests – including hardware and control systems – are carried out in our production facilities to validate the correct operation of the module and ensure all specifications are met. Beyond testing and installation, we support customers via consistent documentation and maintenance procedures. 

Short installation time

Following installation at the plant, the modules are ready for system start-up on a "plug and play" basis. This significantly shortens assembly and installation lead time, reducing the overall construction project timeline, increasing the efficiency of the whole industrial plant as well as reducing subsequent costs.  

This configuration also allows for flexibility in design, as all that is required in the overall industrial plant design is a space reservation (or footprint) for the equipment. The plant design can therefore start, and continue, within the limits of the space reservation until further details, such as piping, are confirmed. 

An industrial plant design timeline is typically scheduled to take place over the course of several months, with the installation of Auramarine’s modular auxiliary systems often towards the end of the process. By combining auxiliary system components as one, Auramarine modules reduce installation work, with components flexibly rearranged within each module. 

Our teams work in close co-operation with the client throughout the entire process, drawing upon extensive cross-industry expertise to ensure a solution is established on every project and tailored to meet specific requirements. 

If necessary, components can also be certified by third parties.

Support throughout the asset lifecycle

Our teams are also available to support commissioning, maintenance, and preventative services, as well as provide modernisations to ensure seamless operations throughout unit’s entire lifecycle. This high-level of continuous service is especially important in the process industry where performance and reliability are critical to the continuation and uptime of operations. 

Our lifecycle team provides spare parts and basic system components directly from stock, as well as recommended spare part packages for pre-defined service periods, to ensure the continuation of operations in all circumstances. 

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