fuel supply and auxiliary systems
for the marine,  POWER and process industrIES

Marine Industry

Your reliable partner for safe and efficient onboard fuel supply systems from design to delivery and full lifecycle support.

Power industry

Versatile fuel supply and handling solutions for large and small scale power plants.

Process Industry

Auxiliary units to fulfil a range of operational needs including lubrication, heating, cooling, and excess fuel recovery.

Lifecycle services

We are committed to ensure the operational efficiency of your fuel supply and auxiliary systems throughout their lifetime.

Guidance and support for compliant, safe and efficient fuel supply systems in the low sulfur, multi-fuel era.







The rapid, global availability of genuine fuel system spare parts for the right price is essential. Auramarine offers a range of flexible options for simple and efficient spare parts administration. This is important especially if the fuel system is running on different fuels than it was originally designed for.

Auramarine representative network in over 20 countries!

Our headquarters is located in the Turku region; the most important maritime technology hub in Finland. Shanghai serves as our main hub for operations in Asia.