Modernisation services

As the marine supply chain continues to evolve, it’s vital to ensure that your fuel supply system continues to reach optimum performance through our advisory services. Auramarine continues to manage the development of its solutions, ensuring scalability and adaptability, as vessel operating conditions change. We are committed to always supporting our customers’ operations through the modernisation and upgrading of critical fuel supply equipment, which is increasingly important in light of the rapidly changing marine energy market for current and future fuels.

Our turn-key lifecycle solutions help meet the needs of the modern ship owner, especially when it comes to challenges such as tight project deadlines, less resources, supply chain issues, more complex vessel designs or budget restrictions. 

Methanol system retrofits

Auramarine methanol fuel supply systems are also available for retrofits. From bunkering station to engine inlet, Auramarine will design and deliver a solution for your specific methanol retrofit needs.

Auramarine Methanol supply system

Maintain your fuel supply system's peak performance

Every ship is different from a technical, trading and operational perspective. However, for all modernisations some elements remain essential, namely cost-efficiency and short lead times from design to delivery.

Auramarine’s fuel supply units are renowned for their durability and long service life. As part of our offering, you can also upgrade your equipment to maintain peak performance in all stages of the system's Lifecycle. This could typically include cooler/heater installations, automation advances or fuel changeover solutions. Upgrade packages improve system longevity, reliability, fuel efficiency, engine performance and environmental protection. They can be delivered in parts or as modular solutions and with or without installation services.

Even if your original equipment is not from Auramarine, it pays off to contact us for a proposal.

Modernisation services based on your needs

Component upgrades with consultation services

Auramarine drawings

Engineering and technical consultation

Auramarine 3D design

System conversions and modernisations

Retrofit unit through constrained space

Project management and document support


Electric components and control optimisation


Filtration upgrades for enhanced engine protection

Filter shutterstock_418414756

Fuel pumping compatibility check and upgrades

Pumping system shutterstock_420205468

Flow meter upgrades and retrofits

Flow meter upgrades

Fleet services


One step away from optimal

To get started, all we need from you is basic technical documentation for an appraisal of your fuel system’s design and its features. Based on these, we will outline our proposal for improvements. An on-board inspection report is then required prior to initiating the upgrade design. These can be submitted either by an experienced Auramarine engineer following a visit on board or by a chief engineer following detailed Auramarine instructions. The planning phase of an upgrade normally takes between one to two weeks and the update itself between a few days to two weeks, depending on the extent of the work. If required, Auramarine can arrange project co-ordination, delivery, assembly and installation on a turn-key basis.

To allow enough time for design and delivery, we recommend that you contact us at an early stage. However, we are always happy to meet urgent component requests from our stock supplies.

You can also call us at +358 20 486 5030 or send an e-mail to


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