Marine industry

Robust and reliable auxiliary units, combined with superior lifecycle services

Robust and reliable products

Our products are manufactured using the best materials and carefully selected and inspected components for maximum reliability and long service life.

Auramarine Fuel Supply Unit

Our offering for Marine industry comprises:

Auramarine methanol supply system

Solutions for Methanol operation

The Auramarine Methanol Supply Unit supplies methanol from the service tank to the Master Fuel Valve whilst and at same time regulating the flow, pressure and temperature of the methanol. All this, combined with filtration, ensures it is suitable for engines and other methanol consumers. The system actively maintains the supply pressure within the specified tolerances during load changes and is designed to meet the strict safety requirements.

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Solutions for Biofuels

Solutions for Biofuels Cross-industrial collaboration Right materials Temperature management One of the most viable future fuels From Auramarine’s 45 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing fuel supply systems for…

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Solutions for LNG operated vessels

Solutions to support LNG/LPG operations Pilot fuel supply units MGO Feeder Booster units LSHFO Feeder Booster units At present, all vessels require a back-up fuel (LSFO/MGO) system to ensure the safe continuation of operations at sea in the event…

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Auramarine fuel supply unit AMB-Mc

Fuel Supply Systems

FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEMS FOR MARINE INDUSTRY Versatile solutions that meet ship-specific needs Auramarine fuel supply units meet critical fuel circulation needs. They ensure that a fuel’s condition continuously satisfies engine-specific requirements,…

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Auramarine cooler ACU tube

Cooling and chilling units (ACU, AMC)

Cooling and chilling units (ACU, AMC) Auramarine marine gas oil cooler units (ACU) Our marine gas oil cooler units (ACU) ensure that the viscosity of marine gas oil (MGO) is at…

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Emergency pump unit AEP_

Emergency pump units (AEP)

Emergency Pump units (AEP) A rapid, reliable fuel supply is the first priority when managing a blackout scenario on any vessel. Auramarine emergency pump (AEP) units are designed to ensure…

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Auramarine feeder unit AMF

Feeder units (AMF)

  Auramarine feeder unit (AMF) The Auramarine feeder unit (AMF) is designed to supply fuel oil to HFO/MGO booster units. The unit has two main pumps, an operating pump and…

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Tailored units

Tailored auxiliary unit solutions If our standard products do not meet your needs, we are able to draw upon our proven expertise to develop a new reliable solution that exactly…

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HT-water preheating unit

HT-water Preheating units (APU)

HT-water preheating unit (APU) Auramarine preheating units (APUs) heat the water used in an engine’s high temperature (HT)-water system Heat is generated via steam or burning thermal oil APUs are…

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Automated fuel changeover

Fuel Changeover System

Auramarine’s fuel changeover system offers a cost-efficient, rapid method for enabling a vessel to use different fuel types and comply with sulphur emission control area (SECA) requirements. The system is suitable for both newbuilds and retrofits, so if you are thinking of making the switch, we have the solution for you.

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Modernisation services

Modernisation services based on your needs

Modernisation services As the marine supply chain continues to evolve, it’s vital to ensure that your fuel supply system continues to reach optimum performance through our advisory services. Auramarine continues…

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Superior lifecycle services

Our lifecycle services comprise original spare parts and a range of maintenance and upgrade packages. We keep you going with rapid service support and minimal downtime.

We are a reliable partner willing to go the extra mile. Over the past forty years, we have delivered over 15,000 auxiliary units all over the world. We stand by our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.

Auramarine service hands