HFO Units

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) supply units

  • A wide range of capacities
  • Multiple optional functions
  • Flexible component arrangements accommodate units in the space available

Standardised AMB-Mc -series units for compact spaces

Auramarine fuel supply unit AMB-Mc
Auramarine fuel supply unit AMB-Mc
Key benefits and features of AMB-MC-02/03/05/07 series units:
  • Cost-savings through standardised components
  • Easy maintenance: access is only required at the front and right-hand side of the unit
  • Maximum power serviceable: approx.10MW
  • Standard option comprises separate feeder and booster components
  • Can be used to supply fuel to either main or auxiliary engines
  • Dimensions, including service space: 1.50m x 2.90m

Customer-specific solutions with AMB-M -series

AMB-M 12/15/18/26

  • Maximum power serviceable: 25MW
  • Dimensions, including service space: minimum 3.60m x 2.20m
  • This frame size can expand depending on optional additional features

AMB-M 36/50/55/60

  • Maximum power serviceable: 50MW
  • Dimensions, including service space: minimum 5.00m x 2.60m.
  • This frame size can expand depending on optional additional features
Fuel supply system

We work in close co-operation with customers and engine manufacturers to develop the best system configuration for every project. Fuel supply units from our AMB-M-series can be extensively customised to meet all fuel-conditioning needs. Depending on system requirements, they can be configured to accommodate Auramarine’s wide range of heaters, coolers, flow-meters, marine diesel oil and marine gas oil emergency pumps, homogenisators and additional filters.

All AMB-M units are designed to reliably and simultaneously supply fuel to both main engine and auxiliary engines.


Flexible installations, easily maintained

AMB fuel oil supply units, also known as feeder-booster or circulation units, have versatile pipe connections fitted at the rear and front to enable easy installation. As standard, to meet any changing needs, it is possible to add new or extended functions at a later date.

All our units combine proven accessibility with ease of maintenance, from the service space around the unit to the user-friendly location of all displays and instruments. This extends to the horizontal location of heavy fuel oil heaters.

Key benefits and features:
  • Can be extensively customised to meet all fuel system-specific requirements
  • Proven reliability and safety from shell-type heaters and separate viscosity and temperature controls
  • Fast, easy installation delivered through a compact design and versatile connections
  • Easy operation: all important displays and instruments are visible at a glance
  • Long and extremely reliable service life from quality components, carefully chosen materials and advanced manufacturing