System conversions and modernisations

We offer a comprehensive technical review of your vessel or fleet’s fuel supply system to determine the best possible adaptation of existing on-board fuel supply systems to handle new fuels. We can also provide technical meetings with our product specialists as part of this service.

Once the necessary steps have been identified, project and component schedules are matched with upcoming ship or fleet maintenance schedules

  • A project may involve initial service engineer visits, installation supervision and/or start-up and commissioning.
  • Early contact is advised especially from a component delivery point of view.

Auramarine can also update technical drawings for class approval.

Both individual ships and especially a series of ships - which will gain from economies of scale - benefit from Auramarine’s fuel supply system conversions and modernisation upgrades.

Typical system conversion and modernisation projects:

  • MGO booster design and installation
  • Additional cooling capacity; coolers and/or chillers that are needed to keep fuel viscosity above 2 cSt
  • Engine room -specific modernisations and damage repairs for fuel supply systems. Such projects may also involve fuel supply system alterations or capacity increase. In case of emergency repairs,  we always take into account their urgency and can respond with short delivery times to minimise any downtime.
  • Automated fuel changeover system design and installation
  • Additional fuel heating capacity for various needs and configurations
  • Heating media control valves updates to reach capacity and adjustability for various viscosity areas. For such updates it is important to understand how different fuels behave and how that impacts heating media control valve performance.
Auramarine MGO Feeder Unit AMF-M-40-MGO
Auramarine Chiller