Fuel analyser

Fuel quality analysis device “Porla Analyser” for analysing the compatibility of oils is now available from Auramarine

Porla analyser for the maritime industry

Porla fuel analyser


Auramarine’s Porla analyser is an easy, reliable and fast instrument that ensures stability – when mixing fuels – and compatibility with the recommended mixing order. This proven technology provides safety at the bunkering process and helps to avoid unintended maintenance and reduces downtime.


  • The system enables proactive testing of fuel compatibility
  • Determination of stability and compatibility parameters In (insolubility number) and Sbn (solubility blending number)
  • ASTM test method D7112 since 2005
  • Ability to use different paraffinic and aromatic solvent combinations, designed for testing fuel combinations where at least one of the fuels must contain asphaltenes.
  • The system will self-clean at the end of each test procedure
  • With Auramarine Porla analyser, you can minimise the often manual sludge and tank cleaning and maintenance work. You can also reduce the amount of sludge and subsequently the sludge disposal costs at shore reception facilities.
  • Testing and knowing your fuels helps to avoid fuel supply disturbancies or engine failures (or in worst case loss of propulsion). The combustion can be compromised due to e.g. excessive fouling of cylinders and differential thermal loadings on the cylinders or separator or filter disturbancies. Trouble-free combustion can help to avoid off-duty losses and port fees caused by fuel system or engine downtime.
  • With less fuel going to sludge, the fuel is used efficiently which translates into cost savings and indicates the vessel’s CII calculation.

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