Engineering and technical consultation

Benefit from a holistic expert approach

Auramarine can help with your process design, component dimensioning of filters and components, and other fuel system related change requirements. We take a holistic approach and have an in-depth understanding of how various parts of the fuel supply system interact.


Engineering preview

When modifications and technical interventions are made to existing fuel systems, an expert engineering preview should be conducted. Auramarine’s engineers can review a ship’s existing fuel supply system design and assess what type of solutions will best serve the ship in the future.


Design and part lists

Auramarine has a knowledgeable and experienced in-house engineering team, who specialise in fuel supply system processes and have significant experience in developing engineering modifications.

We deliver the design details for any new set-up and submit the drawings and parts list for production and component deliveries.


Technical consultation and documentation for class approvals

We can also provide technical consultation and submit updated drawings and documentation ready for class approval.