Lifecycle services

Our service excellence ensures your operational efficiency  - from essential support to lifecycle optimisation.

Ensure your fuel supply system receives expert global service

We are committed to ensuring the operational efficiency of your fuel supply and auxiliary systems throughout their lifetime. From design and delivery, to regular maintenance, the latest retrofits and modernisation solutions, we provide a holistic lifecycle service.

Maximise efficiency and combustion system health

Whether a ship, power plant or an industrial asset, every aspect of a fuel supply  system is crucial for maximising its operational efficiency and combustion system health. The technical integrity of this system, achieved through diligent planning and preparation, helps to keep your operational risks and costs at the lowest possible levels. It also ensures that your fuel system meets its intended requirements under pre-defined operating conditions. The same applies for the wide range of other Auramarine auxiliary systems, too.

Auramarine spare parts, lifecycle services and technical support are globally available through our main hubs in Finland and Shanghai, China. A global representative network is at your service in over 25 countries.

  • Full support
  • On-time deliveries, at right price
  • Service and preventive maintenance
  • Training

Auramarine Lifecycle Services Key Accounts

Our most frequent clients have already been introduced to their Key Account Managers. Meet your own Auramarine expert by contacting contact us at and we will be happy to put you in touch.