Auramarine original spare parts

For marine and power industries

The rapid, global availability of right fuel system spare parts for the right price is essential. Auramarine offers a range of flexible options for simple and efficient spare parts administration. This is important especially if the fuel system is running on different fuels than it was originally designed for.

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High-quality Auramarine spare parts

  • Selected to fit your equipment perfectly
  • Ensure peak performance
  • Available as on-demand spare part deliveries and customised spare part kits
  • Quality spare parts also for third-party fuel supply units
  • Quick deliveries worldwide from our spare part hubs in Shanghai, China and Turku, Finland
  • Global  representative network at your service in over 25 countries
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Main spare part categories

IMPORTANT: the full Auramarine spare part inventory comprises of thousands of spare and wear parts. This list therefore serves as a brief overview to our spare and wear part offering.

We spare you the time consuming process of looking for a specific part for a fuel system. All we require is a few pieces of information, such as:

Auramarine units

  • Unit serial number
  • Part code from Auramarine part list or component technical details

Other units

  • Type of the previous part
  • Required component-specific values such as component technical features

Electric components

  • control logic
  • relays, switches
  • sensors
  • transmitters


Filter generic
  • filter elements
  • candle elements
  • O-rings, gaskets
  • solenoid valves

Flow meters

  • spare electronics
  • internal parts
  • roller counters
  • gaskets

Heat exchangers

Genuine Auramarine spare parts _ heaters
  • heat exchangers (steam, electric)
  • safety valves
  • gaskets
  • inserts

Pressure gauges

Genuine Auramarine spare parts _ pressure gauge

Pumps and accessories

Genuine Auramarine spare parts _ Pumps
  • Minor kits: mechanical shaft seals,  gaskets, ball bearing





A wide range of valves for various purposes


Auramarine Fuel supply system Viscometer spare
  • viscometer unit
  • gaskets
  • sensors

Customised spare kits

Easy-to-order Customised spare part list
  • easy specification
  • based on consumption for a planned period
  • vessel-specific maintenance plan available as an option

Fleet services

  • easy administration
  • specially discounted and stocked volumes of spare parts
  • understanding of fleet-wide and ship-specific requirements for cost-efficient spare parts management