Heat exchangers

Auramarine heat exchangers for marine and power industry fuel supply systems are available in shell design and in tube type design with U-tubes. The selection comprises heat exchangers for steam, thermal oil, hot water or electrical heating. ATEX heaters are available upon request.

To ensure that you receive the right type and size of heat exchanger and other parts, please provide your fuel supply unit serial number. We can also provide quality heat exchangers and spare parts for third-party fuel supply units.

In addition to complete heat exchangers, a wide range of parts are available upon request:

  • Gasket sets
  • Heating elements (electric)
  • Safety thermostats
  • Safety valves
  • Tube inserts (steam, electric)
Plate type heat exchanger
Plate type heat exchanger (for cooling)
Heat exchanger (for cooling)
Heat exchanger tube steam
Tube type heat exchanger, steam heating


Heat exchanger electric
Tube type heat exchanger, electrical heating