AFE Fuel Economiser

Data collection system for reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

AFE Auramarine fuel economiser

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Actionable data

As part of your system, AFE Auramarine Fuel Economiser supports and complements your full CII calculation and realtime energy efficiency indication, depending on your system setup.

The system utilises the fuel supply system sensors and other data that is available from the ship’s systems. It enables cloud-based utilisation of the data available from the fuel supply system.

AFE is an independent system and can be applied regardless of engine manufacturer or fuel supply system manufacturers. It can also be installed as a retrofit.

Auramarine AFE Fuel Economiser

A ship’s fuel oil consumption includes but is not limited to the consumption of each fuel oil type, regardless of if the vessel is under way or not. Typical consumers to be monitored are main engines, auxiliary engines, gas  turbines, boilers and inert gas generator.

AFE collects data such as used fuel oil type, consumption and viscosity. It monitors the fuel change over time and viscosity and fuel temperature behaviour. As to fuel system components, it monitors the fuel oil filter flushing, fuel pump runtimes and fuel oil cooling and heating valve positions. Shaft power meter and engine data monitoring are available as options.

Key benefits:

  • Reveals fuel savings potential by providing fuel economy transparency
  • Enables easy and accurate reporting and automated data flows
  • Enables optimisation of operations by analysing fuel profiles and fleet utilisation
  • Reviews operations for safety, efficiency and professional development
  • Prevents unnecessary wear by providing operation style control
  • Analyses onboard Auramarine equipment data for planned and preventative maintenance
  • Brings in situational awareness (nearby traffic, AIS information)

Auramarine AFE can support your operations and operational cost awareness by reporting the fuel consumption per nautical mile and distance travelled. Constant engine health monitoring helps to prevent disturbances and downtime. Reporting is possible to bridge, control room and to shore via a signal.

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