Flow meters

Measuring and documenting the consumption of fuels onboard a vessel is becoming increasingly necessary to improve efficiency, and to minimise fuel costs. Furthermore, compliance with the EU MRV and IMO data collection regulations requires accurate fuel consumption measuring. Fuel consumption measuring can also bring benefits in fuel changeover situations.

The products below are a brief overview of our spare and wear part offering.

A selection of flow meters is now available directly from stock for fast delivery:

How to order a flow meter?

To ensure that you receive the right type and size of flow meter, contact us and inform us of one or all of the below specifications:

  • Serial number of your fuel supply unit (if Auramarine)
  • The type of your current flow meter given on the part
  • The item code on the fuel supply unit part list (available on board)
  • The required flow rate for the new flowmeter
  • Auramarine can help to find the best fit by reviewing your fuel supply system's measuring and reporting capabilities and needs
Mass flow meter

Photo courtesy of Emerson

Mass flow meter Emerson
Mass flow meter
Mass flow meter Promass Endress Hauser
Auramarine spare parts -Volumetric Flow meter
Volumetric flow meter VAF
Volumetric flow meter
Volumetric flow meter Aquametro

Flow meter spare parts and accessories

Flowmeters_Spare electronics
Accessories, Spare electronic display
Flowmeters - Driver for VZF, VZO


Flowmeters - Inlet filter for VZO, VZF
Inlet filters


Flowmeters - O-ring set
O-ring sets
Flowmeters - Roller counter
Roller counter
Flowmeters_Rotary piston for VZF, VZE, VZO DN40
Rotary pistons

In addition to these components, a wide range of parts is available upon request:

  • Gaskets
  • Internal parts for flowmeters
  • Measuring parts
  • Spare electronics
  • Separating plates

Mass flow meters

Mass flow meter transmitters are built with an advanced architecture and provide a wide variety of I/O and application flexibilities, making them the top choice for compact integral mounting.

If bunkers are purchased in metric tonnes, it is easier to measure fuel consumption in terms of mass weight. Most marine fuel oil-type mass flow meters use a laterally vibrating curved tube mass flow meter, which also measures the density of the fluid. Such a design provides excellent accuracy both for low and high fuel flows, which is a benefit especially if multiple fuels are in use. Mass flow meters always provide comparable results between fuels.

  • Well-known brands of highly accurate mass volume flow and density measurement for applications that require a compact, drainable design
  • Not prone to sticking and also provide density reporting
  • Precise mass volume flow and density measuring
  • Auramarine offers a range of flow meters from trusted brands for various types of needs, e.g. Emerson, Promass Endress Hauser

Volumetric flow meters

Most volumetric flow meters are comprised of moving parts; either wheels or screws. The volumetric flow meters provide a local reading, pulse signal and/or a mA signal, and they are exceptionally user friendly. The functionality is easy to monitor, which means any faults can be detected quickly, and simple repairs can, in the majority of cases, be carried out on site.

  • Positive displacement principal
  • Electronic display of total and resettable volume and actual flow rates
  • Adjustable analog (mA) and pulse output signals
  • Auramarine offers a range of flow meters from trusted brands for various types of needs, e.g. Aquametro and VAF