Pumps and accessories

The following information will help find the right part for your fuel supply systems, whether it serves a marine or power industry application:

  • Auramarine product code from item list
  • Product information from name plate or serial number of the fuel supply unit
  • Flow rate

The most frequently required wear parts for pumps are mechanical shaft seals, gaskets and ball bearings (also available as ready “Minor kits”).

IMPORTANT: There are specific spare parts for each pump type. Always contact Auramarine for your right part.

We can also provide quality pump spare parts for third-party fuel supply units. Contact us and find out what we can offer for your equipment.

When new fuels are introduced to the fuel system, pump upgrades may be necessary to ensure adequate pumping capacity and lubricity for main and auxiliary engines. A professional pump compatibility check is recommended before taking into use any new type of fuel. Also additional cooling arrangements may be necessary.

A selection of fuel pumps is now available directly from stock for fast deliveries:

Pumps - Screw type pump
Screw type pump
Pumps - Screw type pump
Screw type pump
Pumps - Screw type pump AFI (high-pressure MGO solution)
Screw type pump (High-pressure MGO solution)
Centrifugal pump
Centrifugal pumps and adapters
Pumps - Balancing bush
Balancing bush
Auramarine spare parts_Motors_Mechanical coupling
Coupling, mechanical
Auramarine spare parts - Pumps Motors magnetic coupling
Coupling, magnetic
Pumps - Distance sleeves
Distance sleeves
Pumps - Distance washer
Distance washer
Pumps - Joint spare parts kit
Joint spare part kits


Pumps - Minor spare part kit
Minor kits including gaskets, shaft seal and ball bearing
Pumps - O-rings, various
Pumps - Plug for deareation
Plug for deaeration
Pumps - Rotor set
Rotor set
Pumps - Secondary seals
Secondary seals, various
Pumps - Shaft seal spare part kit
Shaft seal spare part kit
Pumps - Spare part kit valve element
Spare part kit valve element