Auramarine’s spare valves and valve parts are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of a fuel supply system in both the marine and power industries.

It is critical that our customers understand how different fuels behave when a new fuel is introduced to a system, and how this impacts valve performance, and more specifically the heating, media and control. Our team can provide technical support to ensure you select the right parts for a fuel supply system. In addition to the system parts, our experts are ready to support you with technical consultation and design, as well as drawing updates if system modernisations or modifications are required.

IMPORTANT: There are specific spare parts for each valve type. Always contact Auramarine for your right part. Please inform us the fuel supply unit serial number and the valve type.

Valves - 2-way valve
2-way valve
Valves - 3-way valve
3-way valve
Valves - 3-way valve
3-way valve
Temperature control system with capillary
Temperature control system (various capillaries lengths available)
Control valve
Control valve
Valves - Limit switch
Limit switch
Self-acting temperature control valve with 2-port valves
Self-acting temperature controls with 2-port valves
Valves - Shut-off valve
Shut-off valve
Valves - Solenoid valve
Solenoid valve
Valves- Spare part repair kits, various
Spare part repair kits, a wide selection with instructions