Motors (electric)

Electric motors serve the fuel pumps on Auramarine fuel supply units in the marine and power industries.

The different properties of low sulphur fuels compared with traditional fuels means that the low lubricity and the low viscosity of low sulphur fuel oil can detrimentally affect the fuel pumping system. Upgrades may be necessary to ensure adequate pumping capacity and lubricity for main and auxiliary engines.

Auramarine provides electric motors from the following brands:

  • ABB
  • Lönne
  • Hoyer
  • Kolmeks
  • WEG
  • others on request

We also provide pneumatically operated motors for emergency pump units (AEP).

In addition to motors, spare parts such as bearings and oil seals are also available. To ensure that you receive the right type of spare parts, please provide us with your fuel supply unit serial number.  We can also provide quality spare part motors for third-party fuel supply units. Contact us and find out what we can offer for your equipment.

Electric motor for fuel pump Auramarine
Fuel pump motor
Auramarine spare parts_Motors_Mechanical coupling
Mechanical coupling for motor
Auramarine spare parts - Pumps Motors magnetic coupling
Magnetic coupling for motor