The constant monitoring of fuel viscosity at an engine inlet is crucial for ensuring continuous engine operation. With a wide range of new fuels being introduced to the market, it is increasingly vital that fuel supply system components meet the requirements set by the chosen fuel(s).

In addition to simply replacing a damaged viscometer, Auramarine can also assess whether upgrading a viscometer to the next generation will provide superior performance and additional value. This is worth considering especially if the previous viscometer's measuring range and viscosity limits are not adequate for new fuel types.

Auramarine provides spare viscometers for marine and power industries from manufacturers VAF and Emerson. The Emerson type viscometer comes as a full unit, while the VAF viscometer can either be purchased as a full unit, or with the sensor pendulum, and the O-rings as separate items.

The most common reason for a fuel supply system viscometer replacement is a breakdown or malfunction with the existing viscometer. This means that a replacement is required promtly. At Auramarine, we recognise that many ship owners and operators have experienced long delays in delivery times for certain viscometers. For this reason, we retain a stock of alternative viscometers available to replace a broken or damaged viscometer, which prevents downtime and costly delays. These viscometers are directly exchangeable with certain types of viscometers, and are available directly from stock. To find out if they are compatible with your viscometer setup, please contact us and we will be pleased to verify the compatibility.

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Viscometer VAF
Viscometer - Viscometer
Viscometer Emerson
Viscometers - Adapter kit V52_V92
Adapter kits

(includes Viscometer and adapter).
Extended version of Adapter kit is available upon request. This is built case by case. Typical parts are e.g. steam control valve, PID controller and other accessories.

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