Retrofit: Constrained spaces call for customised solutions

Retrofit fuel supply unit

Two blocks of the Auramarine fuel supply unit ready for delivery, successfully transported to the engine room and installed and ready for service

A recent fuel supply unit retrofit installation called for a tailor-made arrangement due to the very narrow spaces through which the unit had to be navigated to its final location in the engine room.  In discussions between customer’s and Auramarine’s experts the plan soon materialised: the unit would be delivered in two carefully planned blocks, and the final assembly would be completed on site in the engine room to fit seamlessly to the ship’s onboard systems.

“The best fit for this vessel and the short delivery time were crucial”, explains Konstantinos Fakiolas, Director at Auramarine Lifecycle Services.

The project had constraints both from technical design and schedule point of view, and therefore the strong project management was in a key role. The customer could rely on Auramarine’s retrofit organisation throughout the process.

Everything from fuel supply unit specification and design to manufacturing, transport, installation and commissioning took place in less than 6 months time. As result the ship is back in trade as scheduled and its owner appreciates Auramarine’s expertise and quick response.