High-capacity plant cooling systems

Water pump cooling

When desalinated water is transported over long distances via a pipeline, for example, the pipeline must have pumping stations in place to ensure a continuous flow of water and sufficient water pressure. This is increasingly necessary when pipes are located in remote or challenging geographical conditions, taking into consideration the various pipe dimensions needed to safely and smoothly transport water. 

Such pumping stations are equipped with electric motors that operate the water pumps, and other equipment such as chillers, HVAC systems, and lube oil pumps. All these components require cooling to ensure the continuation of operations and steady water flow – an element that is particularly important in hot ambient conditions. 

Auramarine cooling units are suitable for all pumping station equipment, including crucial support at unmanned stations; supporting critical cooling requirements to maintain the designated temperature for individual components and maintain safe and smooth operations.  

The units consist of pumps, filters, and heat exchangers which are designed to fit on one frame to ensure space is optimised and enable easy installation. 

At Auramarine, we ensure this high-level of tailored support is continued with our spare parts and lifecycle services offering. Our specialist teams are available to carry out preventative condition monitoring, helping to prepare for upcoming maintenance, and advise on potential spare parts requirements for continuous and efficient high-performance operations. 

Pump motor cooling cable gland
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