For ships without scrubbers fitted and when the use of conventional 3.5%S HFO is prohibited on board, common fuel options are 0.5% sulphur content MDO (DMB) or 0.1% sulphur content MGO (DMA, DMZ) fuels.

Focus on fuel cooling and pumps

Auramarine fuel supply units are ideally suited for operators using single-fuel marine gas oil (MGO) or for multi-fuel systems. Each system is configured to meet a customer’s needs and backed-up by proven long-term reliability and operational performance.

In case of existing ships, your ship may be required to run on fuels that the main and auxiliary engine fuel handling systems were not originally designed for. As a result, certain modifications should be carried out to ensure a reliable, continuous operation.

  • It is essential to have a good selection of coolers/chillers, properly dimensioned, engineered and tailor-fitted to adapt your specific fuel system on board.
  • Any coolers or chillers should be professionally integrated into the existing fuel system, and certain control optimisations should be carried out for peak performance.
  • Regardless of whether the engines run on MGO or 0.5% sulphur content MDO, a feeder-booster unit, equipped with a cooler, or if needed a chiller, will maintain any operational pattern or required fuel demands from an economical and operational perspective.
  • We highly recommend a review of all feeder/booster pumps to define the necessary steps to manage a lower lubricity fuel. Upgrades may be required to ensure that pumping capacity and lubricity maintains the continuous operational reliability of your fuel supply system.


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Every ship is different from a technical, trading and operational perspective. However, from design to delivery there are elements of newbuilding and modernisation projects that remain essential for all vessel types, namely cost efficiency and short lead times.

Auramarine’s team of industry experts are here to help you navigate the complexities of future fuel requirements for your vessel’s fuel supply systems and to tailor solutions for your projects. We always look ahead and keep an eye on the future, ensuring your system is as flexible as possible to accommodate change.

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