Solutions for Biofuels

Cross-industrial collaboration

Right materials

Temperature management

One of the most viable future fuels

From Auramarine’s 45 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing fuel supply systems for a wide range of fuels, we view biofuels as one of the most feasible and effective low carbon fuel options.

To further support the maritime industry’s uptake of future fuels, and ship owners in the transition to decarbonisation, we are collaborating with owners and operators, research centres, fuel suppliers and engine manufactures. We endeavour to harness our expertise to progress the use of biofuels as a viable new source of energy and propulsion.

Fuel supply units for main and auxiliary engines

The properties of biofuels differ significantly from those of traditional marine fuels. Biofuels can be corrosive and wearing on metals; the acidity, reactivity, filtration properties and coagulation of biofuels require carefully tailored specialised solutions, such as acid-proof materials, enhanced initial heating and careful insulation. With this in mind, we delivered our first biofuel-ready fuel supply units early in 2010's and continue to develop our products to support the uptake of biofuels within the marine energy supply chain.

Specific materials and the correct filtering are required in the design phase of a fuel supply unit to ensure it is prepared for the use of biofuels. Every element of material used in a fuel supply system must be scrutinised and examined to ensure a safe environment for the fuel and enhance ship owner confidence.

At Auramarine, we ensure all functions are carefully tested before delivery  to ensure trouble-free operation.

Specialised solutions 

The corrosiveness, reactivity, filtration properties and coagulation properties of biofuels require specialised solutions to avoid damaging critical components. These solutions include:

  • Acid-proof materials
  • Capillary transmitted pressure gauges, switches and transducers
  • Surface temperature control through technical solutions
  • Enhanced initial heating
  • Preheating for backup fuel
  • Automatic filters


M/V Meri

Meriaura, being a pioneer in finding competitive solutions for low emissions and high fuel efficiency, trusted Auramarine for the design and delivery of the fuel supply unit for M/V Meri’s three 1200 kW main engines. 

Auramarine collaborates to help assess bio- and waste-based oils suitable for power plants and ships 

Auramarine and a number of Finnish companies in fuel oil producers, users and equipment manufacturers are partnering with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. to explore bio- and waste-based oils.