Installation at factory

Tailored auxiliary unit solutions

If our standard products do not meet your needs, we are able to draw upon our proven expertise to develop a new reliable solution that exactly meets your fuel supply, fuel-conditioning and lubrication requirements. This extends to elements such as water pumps, and heating or cooling units. Close customer co-operation delivers the best possible outcomes, both from a technical and operational point-of-view and characterises our way of working.

Examples of our tailored solutions:

  • Modularised configurations

where functional elements can be placed where they are needed

  • MGO circulation supply units,

which are similar to HFO booster units, but designed without heaters to meet the needs of MDF

  • HFO circulation units,

especially popular for multi-engine installations, deliver a dedicated fuel oil supply pump for each engine, which balances fuel flow to each engine; for example, if fuel is supplied by one pump to several engines, flow in the pipeline branches can vary, by providing a pump for each, an optimal and steady flow is guaranteed

  • Fine filter units

offer a separate filter for each engine immediately before the engine inlet

  • Feeder units

feed fuel to the engine according to its consumption rate and keep fuel pressure steady at the engine inlet; a HFO booster unit always needs a feeder

  • Fuel flow measurement module

often integrated into booster units, the fuel flow measurement module measures feeder line flow, which equals to the total fuel consumption in the system in normal use. The module can, however, include measurements of consumer-specific inlet and outlet flows, from which the consumer-specific consumption can be calculated.

  • Gas valve units for natural gas (NG)