Component upgrades with consultation services

With an increasingly changing fuel landscape and alternative fuel properties, investing in an expert review is vital when selecting fuel system components to ensure that the components meet the requirements of the viscosity, temperature and other properties of the fuel(s) in use.

Auramarine's engineers can review a ship's existing fuel supply system design and assess what kind of solutions would best serve the ship in the future.


For example, a mechanical pump coupling can be changed to magnetic coupling to eliminate pump leakage, for which the existing pump can be prone to if it is designed for a different viscosity.

Viscometer replacement
Viscometer replacement (courtesy VAF)


Viscometers can be upgraded to a new model, or a damaged viscometer can be replaced with a modern one. Old generation viscometers have previously been adequate for measuring the viscosity ranges they were designed for, however the introduction of new fuels can alter the measuring range and viscosity limits. Therefore the current viscometers may not be optimal for measuring such ranges.

Furthermore, spare part availability is better for modern viscometers, which consist of less moving parts. With new generation viscometers, the system can be digitalised (no more pneumatic systems). Typical viscometer accessories are housings for retrofit purposes, steam control valves when necessary and components for electrical modifications.

Fuel filters

Fuel filter upgrades also benefit from a technical consultation in order to be able to consider the effects of issues such as catalytic fines for example.

Along with the installation of additional filtration capacity, you can also benefit from our plug and play filter installation. The installation comprises of a frame with a control cabinet installed, and also acts as a drip tray to easily fulfill the safety requirements for secondary containment system under parts of the fuel supply system.