Electric components and
control optimisation for improved system performance

Replacing electric components

In relation to the replacement of electric components, typical cases include broken components, a system design change or the replacement of obsolete or outdated components or systems. The reasons behind such replacements can be functional, operational, or stem from the need to add control automation in order to make the work easier for  personnel on board. This can involve additional control panels or control cabinets.

The replacement of electric components often calls for updated drawings and documentation. Auramarine can support with the design details for any new set-up and submit the drawings and documentation as necessary.

Fuel heating and cooling

In order for fuel systems to be able to remain fully functional and adaptable to different fuel types and qualities, control optimisation for existing heaters and coolers is sometimes required in order to improve system functionality and flexibility.

For example, the coolers originally installed onboard a vessel, may not be able to run effectively on new fuels. Optimisation ensures that the cooling/heating process runs faultlessly and is adaptable to all new fuel system upgrades. This is especially important with new fuel blends, where uncertain or unclear properties are being introduced.

Auramarine offers a review of your existing heater and cooler systems from an engineering and system process perspective and can recommend the necessary improvements, and if needed, carry out essential modifications.
With a wide variety of heating and cooling arrangements onboard vessels, our control optimisation systems are always tailored to fit each specific existing system to enable optimum performance.

Depending on the scope of the technical solution, upgrades are typically made during docking.

Early detection of system failures

Control optimisation can also enhance trouble-shooting capabilities. For example, properly optimised systems can detect system failures or deficiencies at an early stage, preventing malfunctions or instabilities in fuel supply. Optional features include, viscosity and temperature control with signals to ECR and fuel consumption signaling (mA or pulse).

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