Piston engine cooling, lubrication and excess fuel collection

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In addition to fuel supply systems, we also provide a range of other critical auxiliary equipment for applications operated by piston engines. Our units manage lubrication, provide engine cooling and handle excess fuel oil. The units are built from high-quality materials in order to withstand demanding operational environments. In most cases, there are strict requirements for the units to have a smooth and clean piping inner surface to ensure trouble-free operations.

Lubrication oil units

Auramarine's lubrication oil units are used for pumping, filtering and lubrication oil temperature control. Typical applications are turbos, diesel engines, gas turbines, gears etc. The units are easy to use and can be tailored to meet the lubrication oil handling needs of each customer's unique system configuration.

HT/LT water units

HT/LT water units are used for HT and LT water temperature control. The units comprise of components, such as pumps, tanks, heaters, coolers, valves and control panels, in accordance with the client’s unique specifications.  The parts are arranged as a module on a welded steel frame with a drip tray.

Leakage oil handling module

Leakage oil handling modules are compatible with either fuel oil or lubrication oil. The purpose of the module is to collect excess oil into a container to re-use or for sludge.

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