Auramarine Feeder solutions AMF

Ensuring fuel meets engine requirements

Auramarine feeder units (AMF) offer an extremely reliable solution for power plants and gensets. They pre-pressurise fuel destined for booster units to ensure that it perfectly meets system requirements.
Maximum serviceable engine power varies between 15 and 120MW for standard applications (AMF-L-15, AMF-L-35, AMF-L-50, AMF-L-70, AMF-L-90, AMF-L-120). Other sizes, both smaller and larger, are available upon request.


The standard arrangement of a feeder unit comprises pumps, filters, a pressure control valve and a unit control system including a control panel, motor starters, standby functions and a low-pressure alarm.
Optional extras include quick-closing valves, variable frequency drives and numerous other features and functions depending on customer needs.

Flexible arrangements for different fuels

Auramarine fuel supply units meet the needs of different fuel types. In the case of a power plant using LFO, there is no need to heat the fuel, therefore units can be delivered with fuel coolers instead of heaters, typically used for HFO.
If you need a feeder for biofuel (AMF-B) or crude oil (AMF-C) applications, we will look at your engine configuration and project-specific requirements and design and deliver a system based on your needs.