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The technical departments of shipowners and management companies are currently occupied with preparations to ensure their vessels comply with the 2020 regulations. Auramarine is ready to relieve this workload and support fuel supply system transition to 2020 compliance.

We offer a comprehensive technical review of your ship or fleet that will determine the best possible adaptation of its existing on-board fuel supply system to handle the new fuels. If needed, this can include technical meetings with Auramarine’s product specialists. Auramarine can also update the drawings for class approvals.

Once the necessary steps have been identified, project schedules are matched with ship or fleet schedules. A project may involve initial service engineer visits, installation supervision and/or start-up and commissioning. Component delivery times are scheduled to match each ship’s drydock or repair schedule.

Both individual ships and especially a series of ships, which will gain from economies of scale, benefit from Auramarine fuel supply system project management services.



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Every ship is different from a technical, trading and operational perspective. However, for all retrofits some elements remain essential, namely cost-efficiency and short lead times from design to delivery.

Auramarine is at your service to help you navigate the complexities of class compliance, and find the safest and most cost-efficient retrofit solution for your fuel supply system. We also keep the future in mind, ensuring your system is as flexible as it can be to accommodate change. Contact us to find the best solution to meet your ship’s needs.

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