Upgrades for fuel consumption measurement and reporting

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Auramarine helps to improve your fuel consumption measuring and reporting in the case that existing flow meters are becoming outdated and new flow meters are being considered to enable real-time measurements on board with higher degrees of accuracy.

Measuring and documenting the consumption of fuel on board a vessel has become increasingly necessary to improve efficiency and to keep the fuel costs in control. Also, compliance with the EU MRV and IMO data collection regulations requires accurate fuel consumption measuring.

Fuel consumption measuring can also bring benefits in fuel changeover situations.

Contact us to find the best fit for your ship or fleet, and review your fuel supply system’s current measuring and reporting capabilities. Based on the review, we will recommend specific improvements to reach compliance with current regulation and to best support your ship’s optimised fuel profile.

Modification example:

Modification example

Flow meter upgrade options

Most of the installed flow meters on board are of volumetric type and, if needed, there are certain upgrade options for receiving more accurate fuel consumption values:

1. Replacement of volumetric with mass flow meters

To replace a volumetric flow meter with a mass flow meter, usually some piping modifications are needed as the size of the mass flow meter is usually larger. Also a degree of integration is needed into the fuel handling system for effective operation.

2. Upgrade of existing volumetric flow meters

Another possibility is to combine the measured density information with the volumetric information. This can in certain cases be a more economical alternative and the indications are that it is equivalently accurate as mass flow meters under normal operating conditions. It is also suitable for low or high flows. The upgrade also requires certain re-cabling, engineering updates and integration within the fuel handling system to ensure effective operation.

3. Separate flow meters for each consumer

Install separate flow meters for each fuel consumer. Auramarine offers expert engineering and design services to support any new setup.

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