MGO Units

For newbuilds and retrofits

The first step towards low-sulphur operations without compromising engine health

Auramarine fuel supply units are ideally suited for operators using single-fuel marine gas oil (MGO) or for multi-fuel systems. Each system is configured to meet a customer’s needs and backed-up by proven long-term reliability and operational performance.

The significantly different properties of heavy fuel oil (HFO) and low-sulphur fuels in multi-fuel systems require careful fuel condition management; an expert approach is essential. For example, the viscosity of all fuels must be stabilised and controlled through heating or cooling. This is crucial for engine and fuel system health.

In most marine diesel engines, the viscosity of the fuel needs to be at least 2.0 cSt. Heaters universally need to be used with HFO. For operators only using MGO, they are not usually required and Auramarine marine feeder booster units can also be supplied without heaters. However, due to its natural viscosity, when MGO is used, the fuel in the system needs to be cooled to meet engine viscosity and lubrication requirements.

Auramarine’s solutions for controlled cooling comprise a cooler unit, a chilling unit when needed and a cooling water circulation unit, together they enable the fuel to be cooled to even below 20°C.

Key benefits and features:
  • For operators looking to switch to low-sulphur fuels, Auramarine MGO supply units can be fitted to both new and existing vessels
  • Easy and flexible installation either as independent components or a compact integrated unit, in both cases making good use of available free space
  • Turn-key deliveries available
  • Reliable, user-friendly operation
  • Proven design and quality components

MGO units for retrofits

Auramarine Marine Gas Oil supply solutions support operational and environmental efficiency by enabling flexible use of fuels. They comprise MGO Feeder units, or a range of combinations of MGO Feeder part, and MGO Booster part(s) designed to serve single or multiple engine configurations.

Our MGO units can be designed and installed on retrofit basis, and are ideal for vessels with multi-engine configurations where one conventional booster is feeding two or more engines. With the installation of an additional MGO unit, different engines can be operated on different liquid fuels. The ability to readily change fuels is especially advantageous in the case of ships with scrubber installations.

Because space-consuming heaters, heavy automatic filters and thermal insulation are not normally required in MGO operation, the footprint of the MGO feeder-booster is remarkably smaller compared to a conventional HFO supply unit.

Auramarine MGO unit two parts

Auramarine MGO supply units can be tailored as a feeder part connected to existing booster(s) or a fully independent complete MGO supply unit depending on the engine configuration.

Download the below MGO Unit brochure and read more about the features, main components and installation.


  • A design option for constrained spaces  which allows the unit to be split into two or three parts for smooth transport and installation
  • Fuel oil system diagram update support
  • Available for both seawater and LT water configurations
  • Emergency pump available as an option


MGO Unit brochure

Updated 3.12.2019

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