COMPLETE Methanol system

At Auramarine, we provide one of the industry's first Methanol fuel supply systems to meet the growing demand and tap into the sustainability potential methanol can offer for shipowners and operators.


As well as price and availability, a key component in driving the uptake of future fuels within the shipping industry is in ensuring that the right bunkering and onboard operational infrastructure is in place to support its development. Download our white paper to read more.

The Auramarine Methanol Supply system supplies methanol from the bunkering station to engine inlet whilst and at same time regulating the flow, pressure and temperature of the methanol. All this, combined with filtration, ensures it is suitable for engines and other methanol consumers. The system actively maintains the supply pressure within the specified tolerances during load changes.


  • Safe design
  • Suitable for engines (both 2-stroke and 4-stroke) and other methanol consumers
  • Fulfills rules and regulations
  • Also suitable for methanol system retrofits

A viable option for decarbonisation 

Methanol is one of the most viable clean fuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions and help meet global decarbonisation targets. Indeed, full carbon neutrality can be achieved by using “green methanol”. Methanol also reduces other emissions such as SOx, NOx, and particulates compared to diesel oil.

With the energy efficiency design (EEDI) and emissions reduction requirements in mind, the use of methanol as a maritime fuel is likely to gain momentum.

Auramarine Methanol supply system

Auramarine Methanol supply system

Functions of Auramarine Methanol Supply system

  • Fuel supply to consumer
  • Fuel consumption measurement
  • Pressure control
  • Temperature control
  • Filtration
  • Shut-off valves for safe maintenance
  • Automatic draining and inerting
  • Fuel valve train and water injection available as option


All fuel supply system materials and manufacturing procedures need to be suitable for methanol service and for the specifications of a particular application. The unit is designed to fit on closed and Ex rated hazardous areas. All IECEx and Health and Safety Guidelines (HSE) have been taken into account.   

This level of safety is achieved by using self-draining mechanical design in conjunction with the nitrogen inerting process and double block and bleed configurations to any serviceable methanol line segments. Also all components and electric equipment will be specially selected for use in a hazardous area. 

In order to minimize the electrical equipment in a hazardous area, the electrical cabinets, control panels and variable frequency drives are designed to be fitted separately to a safe area. 

Seamless backup for methanol operation

Critically, for dual fuel engines operating on methanol there is always a backup system that kicks in immediately if a disturbance is detected in the methanol combustion.

Auramarine HFO and MGO units are suitable for backup purposes and they are already trusted and proven in current LNG-operated vessels. 

These units are built to always maintain the engine-specific fuel temperatures and other requirements. 

Selecting both the methanol fuel supply system, backup fuel system and pilot fuel system from same supplier brings the following synergies and benefits:  

  • It is straightforward to buy and administrate from a shipyard perspective at the shipbuilding stage 
  • The design can be optimized for the exact space available 
  • All documentation is from one supplier,  which brings benefits in operation 
  • There is one contact point for all the equipment 
  • If a service is needed, our service engineer can check the status of all equipment at the same time for safe and reliable operation. 

Contact us at or via the below link, and ask more about Auramarine solutions for methanol operation!