Versatile solutions that meet ship-specific needs

Auramarine fuel supply units meet critical fuel circulation needs. They ensure that a fuel’s condition continuously satisfies engine-specific requirements, taking care of fuel filtering, heating and cooling.

Auramarine fuel supply units offer the additional benefit of a compact design, enabling an operator to maximise revenue-generating spaces on board a vessel.

The needs of different fuel types and engine configurations are also met and the various injection viscosities, flow rates and pressures are controlled. For safe, seamless fuel changeovers, Auramarine’s automated fuel changeover system can be integrated as a part of the configuration.

All units are designed and manufactured to fit seamlessly with a customer’s system. For HFO supply Auramarine offers compact AMB-M-series fuel supply units, which can be extensively customised with a wide selection of options and functionalities.

Both MGO and HFO units are available in different sizes according to total engine power requirements, ranging from 1,000kW to over 70MW. Tailor-made units for higher power output are available on request.

Auramarine 3D Design
Unit testing at factory
All functionalities are tested carefully before delivery to client and final tests are surveyed by classification societies