Auxiliary units

Quality products, plug and play condition

All our units are thoroughly tested in the factory prior to delivery, including adjusting set points to ensure that every product is ready to meet customer needs. This offers a clear advantage at the shipyard, where the units arrive in plug and play condition and can be rapidly installed.

Auramarine units meet the most stringent quality standards, fulfilling the latest classification society rules. If needed, a unit’s design can be submitted for separate class approval or a classification society surveyor can conduct a unit inspection and approval during its factory testing.

Flexible, modular configurations

Our modular units can be flexibly configured to support the shipyard during layout planning and installation, offering an extremely simple, streamlined design and improving the ergonomics of engine room spaces that are often confined. Units can be flexibly located close to other relevant equipment, which delivers a range of benefits. For example, placing coolers close to engines helps to avoid any potential temperature fluctuations over long pipelines and enhances temperature control.

When the system needs an upgrade, modules can be updated one-by-one to reach any desired configuration or performance criteria, without the need to unnecessarily replace or interfere with any other system part. This is particularly beneficial for modules such as heavy fuel oil (HFO) boosters, as traditionally even a small change to update elements integrated within the booster may require its entire re-assembly.

Key benefits of modular arrangements:

  • Clear, modular designs shorten installation times at the shipyard
  • Modules can be located more freely and closer to other relevant equipment; for example, heaters close to engines avoid temperature losses in the pipeline
  • Consistent, high-quality design and components deliver excellent end products with proven reliability and performance
  • User-friendly interfaces simplify installations
  • If only one module requires attention, targeted maintenance and upgrades are possible without the need to interfere with the whole or other parts of the system
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