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Pilot fuel supply units

MGO Feeder Booster units

LSHFO Feeder Booster units

At present, all vessels require a back-up fuel (LSFO/MGO) system to ensure the safe continuation of operations at sea in the event of a lack of LNG availability in ports, when on a long high seas transit, or if there is a challenge with an existing LNG system.  Auramarine understands the importance of this and is playing a critical role in helping the maritime industry safely manage the uptake of LNG as the marine fuel supply chain transforms.

Auramarine's fuel supply units are crucial in securing a steady supply of pilot fuel to a vessel’s engine and to safeguard operations as backup for the LNG/LPG system. The units enable flexibility and redundancy for LNG/LPG-powered vessel's operations.

We design and deliver:

Pilot fuel supply units 

A pilot fuel supply unit pumps and filters the fuel and makes it available at the engine’s fuel injection. This supplies the correct amount of pilot fuel to an engine’s cylinders at the right time and is important for maintaining the correct ignition timing.

MGO supply units  

for main and auxiliary engines.

The purpose of a MGO supply unit is to ensure MGO is readily available for the engine at all times. The unit also maintains the liquid fuel oil system readiness and fuel circulation to enable immediate fuel switching between LNG/LPG to liquid fuel. Today’s LNG/LPG engines' monitoring systems can detect disturbances in gas supply and automatically switch to MGO if the situation requires.

In the case that a vessel is switching back to LNG/LPG from LSHFO, for example, our fuel changeover system automatically conducts the changeover process from LSHFO to MGO in a controlled manner and signals when the system is ready to switch back to LNG/LPG.

LSHFO supply units

for main and auxiliary engines.

Auramarine’s LSHFO supply unit is activated to ensure a backup fuel supply is directed to a vessel’s engine in the case that LNG/LPG is not available. This can be due to a lack of access to LNG/LPG bunker in a port of call, which can be the case on longer voyages. Another instance in which a backup fuel would be required to ensure the continuity of operations and safety of passengers, crew and cargo, is in the potential disturbance of the LNG/LPG system when an immediate system response and switch to liquid fuel is necessary.


Viking Grace

Auramarine units support the use of LNG, as well as low sulphur liquid fuel as back up onboard Viking Line’s passenger vessels – the Viking Grace and Viking Glory.

Lech Kaczynski

Auramarine delivers fuel supply units to LNG-carriers Lech Kaczynski and Grazyna Gesicka serving the ORLEN Group.

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