Fuel supply units for boilers and burners  

Boilers and burners

Our fuel oil supply systems are designed with durability and reliability in mind. In harsher environments, such as power boilers at pulp and paper mills, the age of a boiler can exceed 30+ years,  requiring reliable auxiliary systems for long-term support.   
The units typically comprise of fuel supply pumps; suction strainers; pressure control valves; safety valves; heat exchangers; heating or cooling (depending on the fuel in use and the mill setup); control automation; and instrumentation. Frequency converters can also be applied where necessary. The configuration is modular, welded on a steel frame with a drip tray.  
All fuel supply units can be tailored to meet each individual client’s unique specifications and standards. This ensures that the fuel supply unit is compatible with, and supports, existing components, such as the boiler system and other related equipment.   
Auramarine has decades of experience in supplying and consulting clients on fuel supply systems. With the durability, reliability, and quality of our bespoke systems proven to withstand the harshest of conditions.  

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