Control optimisation for

existing heaters and coolers

A control optimisation upgrade for existing heaters and coolers improves system functionality and flexibility

Ships have different fuel heating and cooling arrangements depending on their type, operational needs and design.

For any fuel system to be able to remain fully functional and adaptable to different fuel types and qualities, control optimisation is sometimes needed. It ensures that the cooling/heating process works without any issues and is properly adapted to any fuel system upgrades. This is especially important with current fuel mixes, where uncertain or unclear properties are being introduced.

Auramarine offers a review of your existing heater and cooler systems from an engineering and system process perspective, recommends the necessary improvements and if needed, carries out the modifications.

For example, the coolers installed on board a ship when it was originally built, may not still be able to cope with the requirements of new fuels, in which case, we may specify a new optimised control system.

The variety of heating and cooling arrangements on board ships means that Auramarine’s control optimisation systems are always tailored to fit each specific existing system design. This ensures the best possible performance.

Control optimisation can also enhance trouble-shooting capabilities. Properly optimised systems can detect system failures or deficiencies at an early stage, preventing malfunctions or instabilities in fuel supply.

Depending on the scope of the technical solution, upgrades are typically made during docking.

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Every ship is different from a technical, trading and operational perspective. However, from design to delivery there are elements of newbuilding and modernisation projects that remain essential for all vessel types, namely cost efficiency and short lead times.

Auramarine’s team of industry experts are here to help you navigate the complexities of future fuel requirements for your vessel’s fuel supply systems and to tailor solutions for your projects. We always look ahead and keep an eye on the future, ensuring your system is as flexible as possible to accommodate change.

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