Fuel Supply System Health Checks: A crucial step to maximise operational efficiency and safety


At Auramarine, we recognise and advocate the importance of regular health checks to ensure the seamless functioning of a vessel’s fuel supply system.

Diligent planning and preparation help maintain operational efficiencies and safety to enable ship owners and operators to mitigate risks and unnecessary costs. It also ensures that fuel supply and auxiliary systems consistently meet their intended requirements within pre-defined operating conditions.

While health checks may not be mandatory, adhering to recommended inspection intervals is essential for maintaining compliance with industry standards and ensuring the safety of maritime operations. Conducting these health checks not only reduces the risk of emergencies and blackouts at sea, but also assures customers of the system’s reliability by identifying where upgrades need to be made. 

Auramarine recommends conducting annual health checks for all fuel supply systems to sustain optimal performance, even though our systems are backed-up by proven long-term reliability and operational performance. These checks can generally be performed during a port stay or a planned docking, with some inspections requiring the fuel supply unit to be operational during the examination.

Neglecting fuel supply system maintenance can lead to operational inefficiencies and a shortened engine lifespan. Issues such as incorrect fuel viscosity can compromise combustion efficiency, affecting overall vessel performance and increasing the likelihood of breakdowns and unnecessary downtime.

The scope

The scope of health checks varies based on the specific fuel supply system. Auramarine’s process involves:

  • Visual inspections for leakages and mechanical damage
  • Inspections of control cabinets, electrical connections, and cables
  • Visual examination and running hour-based overhaul of booster/feeder pumps
  • Visual inspection and functionality check of automatic filters
  • Functionality test of valves
  • Functionality check and electrical inspection of heaters/coolers.
  • Functionality check of temperature regulator valves
  • Functionality and accuracy tests for flowmeters and viscometers
  • Functionality test for emergency pumps
  • Overall system functionality test
  • Software updates if available

Upon completion, a health check report with recommendations is provided, along with optional spare part and service proposals if required.

Additional services and benefits

Auramarine engineer carrying out an inspection
Auramarine service engineer carrying out an inspection

 Understanding the level of priority of different components is crucial. For urgent or complex challenges, we recommend submitting a service request to ensure timely and effective resolution. We are increasingly involved in providing recommendations for system upgrades and keep critical components in stock for rapid delivery when customers need them to avoid any disruptions or downtime.   That’s why we have now increased our stock of selected flow meters, fuel pumps, viscometers, and basic components and we also have the capability to supply specific components for third-party equipment.

For operators with multiple Auramarine systems, we offer benefits including discounted spare part components, exclusive service engineer assistance, planned and condition-based maintenance programmes, and preferential access to upgrades.

Auramarine’s commitment to fuel supply system health checks goes beyond routine inspections. By providing comprehensive lifecycle services and support, as well as rapid response, and proactive recommendations, we safeguard the continual integrity of  fuel supply systems, which ensures the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of vessels at all times.

Mikko Mäki, Service Manager • Lifecycle Services

Mikko Mäki, Service Manager • Lifecycle Services

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