Coronavirus: Potential effect of restrictive measures to Auramarine Asia production status

Impact of Coronavirus on Auramarine Asia

Due to the coronavirus, restrictive measures have been implemented by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government which could have a potential impact on Auramarine Asia operations.

According to the authorities, all enterprises in Shanghai have received a “work opening emergency notice” in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the virus.  These measures include effectively reducing the concentration of personnel and blocking the spread of the epidemic to better protect the lives and health of the people, in accordance with laws and regulations and the city’s major public health emergency first-level response mechanism.

All companies in Shanghai are to postpone the start of operations to Monday 10th February. This restriction applies to Auramarine Asia and unfortunately means that our planned start of operations, Monday 3rd February, will be delayed.  Only companies working for basic utilities (gas, water supply etc.), medical facilities or in food supply can proceed with operations as planned.

In addition to the work opening emergency notice, there are, and will be, strengthened quarantine inspections and health protection concerning those returning back to Shanghai in the near future. This may potentially affect Auramarine production capacity. Although only a few of Auramarine Asia employees are located outside the Shanghai region, our subcontractors have several employees returning from other areas.

Auramarine is following, and will continue to monitor, the situation very closely during the coming days and weeks. In the case of anticipated delays, we will communicate directly with our customers on an individual and case-by-case basis. 

We will instruct our personnel accordingly and will remain in continuous contact with our local subcontractors to minimise any potential delivery delays.

We regret any inconvenience caused by the rules and restrictions set by the authorities and appreciate your patience.  We understand that following protocol is key in restricting the impact of the situation and we will keep you informed throughout.