Green4Sea shortlist

Green4Sea Europort Awards Nomination in the Energy Transition category


We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the GREEN4SEA EUROPORT Awards in the Energy Transition category!

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Auramarine Asia Sales team

Auramarine Asia Sales Team is ready to provide professional service for you


Auramarine Asia has a dedicated sales team to better serve our customers in the region. If you have any questions regarding product purchasing, technology, etc., please feel free to contact our professional team. 

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Auramarine Asia in Shanghai resumes operations


In the past few weeks, Shanghai has issued the Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Shanghai Industrial Enterprises Resuming Work and Production (Second Edition), which establishes a “whitelist” system for key enterprises, meaning various industries are able to resume production activities in an efficient and safe way. Shanghai-based Auramarine Asia was listed in the second batch of “whitelists” of companies that can resume work and production  

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Auramarine has been named the Most Active Workplace in Turku region, Finland !


Auramarine is delighted to have been voted as the Most Active Workplace in the Turku region of Finland by LiiKU.

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Auramarine methanol supply system – new brochure


Auramarine methanol fuel supply unit brochure out now.

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Auramarine methanol supply unit

Introducing Auramarine Methanol supply unit


Methanol is one of the most viable clean fuels to…

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Auramarine is on WeChat

Auramarine is on WeChat


Follow our official account by scanning the QR code in the image and get our latest news updates. You can also search us with account ID “auramarine”.  Let’s stay connected now also in China! 

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Auramarine joins the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonisation


Auramarine joins more than 200 organisations as a signatory for…

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Auramarine Asia personnel

Congratulations Auramarine Asia!


This year, Auramarine Asia celebrates its 20th Anniversary since its factory was established in Shanghai, China, back in 2001.  …

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Auramarine Asia 20 years: Testing Engineer Song En Dong and Isto Sakkara carrying out a final inspection of a fuel supply unit in year 2001.

20 years of Auramarine Asia


an interview with Isto Sakkara It was back in 2001…

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