Spare part management

Viscometers for fast deliveries


At Auramarine, we recognise that many ship owners and operators have experienced long delays in delivery times for certain viscometers. For this reason, we retain a stock of alternative viscometers available to replace a broken or damaged viscometer, which prevents downtime and costly

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Selected pumps and flow meters directly from stock

Flow meters and fuel pumps directly from stock


At Auramarine, we recognise the importance of flow meters and fuel pumps in the continuation of fuel supply system operations. We also recognise the typical long delays in delivery times for these parts and that such delays can lead to operation disturbances or downtime.

Therefore we now offer a selection of flow meters and fuel pumps directly from stock to ensure rapid delivery for your operating assets on land and out at sea. 

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Spare part clearance sale

Spare parts – clearance sale!


Spare parts clearance sale! You can now get up to 50% off our range of effective and efficient spare parts. Please see the below list and place your order soon.

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Power plants: New catalogue out now!


Power plants are essential in supporting our global infrastructures; generating vital electricity for the populations they serve. Auramarine products help power plants to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible by performing critical fuel supply roles. Through selecting the most suitable parts, the service life of a power plant can not only be extended but run without technical disruption.

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Auramarine new Spare Parts and Modernisation Guide

Auramarine’s new spare part and modernisation catalogue out now


We have collected all spare parts and modernisation information from our website to a handy pdf catalogue. On 40 pages it offers an overview to our most popular spare and wear part offering, as well as on the modernisation services we offer. This catalogue includes a range of products such as electric components, filters, flowmeters, gauges, heat exchangers, electric motors, pumps and accessories, valves and viscometers.

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Ensuring continuity and compliance


Having access to the right, operationally critical spare parts has always been crucial, and a mainstay of best practice standards.  However, the complexities of moving to new hybrid very low sulphur products (the main choice for compliance) due to the variable and wide-ranging viscosities in the market, and their relatively unknown properties, presents new challenges for every vessel owner and operator.  And it requires making developments to fuel supply systems, the proper function of which is critical for a vessel’s power and propulsion. 

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