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Introduction of new fuels requires a fuel supply system evaluation: It is likely that the fuel supply system for your ship’s main and auxiliary engines was originally designed to run on fuel with different properties to fuels compliant with IMO 2020 and sulphur emissions control area (SECA) regulations. These regulations limit the sulphur content in all marine fuels to 0.5 percent globally and 0.1 percent in SECAs. Furthermore, it may not have been designed for fuel changeover procedures. Maintaining the correct fuel viscosity, temperature and pressure at the engine inlet is crucial, regardless of the fuel in use or the complexity of a particular fuel supply system.

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Retrofit fuel supply unit

Retrofit: Constrained spaces call for customised solutions


A recent fuel supply unit retrofit installation called for a tailor-made arrangement due to the very narrow spaces through which the unit had to be navigated to its final location in the engine room.  In discussions between customer’s and Auramarine’s experts the plan soon materialised: the unit would be delivered in two carefully planned blocks.

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