Green4Sea Europort Awards Nomination in the Energy Transition category

Green4Sea shortlist

We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the GREEN4SEA EUROPORT Awards in the Energy Transition category!
This award recognises organizations that have achieved significant breakthroughs or positively contributed towards the energy transition within the shipping industry.

Our nomination reflects the vital role our methanol fuel-supply system will play in driving uptake of future fuels in order to meet decarbonisation targets within the shipping industry. As a company, we believe that a crucial element of delivering the energy transition and propelling the widespread adoption of future fuels is to ensure the availability of proper bunkering and onboard operational infrastructure, which is so critical in inspiring confidence among ship owners and operators. We are therefore taking all the necessary steps today to further develop this and to make shipping more sustainable.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 8th, 2023, during the Europort 2023 exhibition, which aims to recognize the industry’s most progressive innovators who are steering shipping towards a more sustainable future.

The selection process combines open nominations and democratic voting, ensuring that the winners genuinely represent the most outstanding achievements and contributions to sustainability within the maritime sector.

The voting process is now OPEN, and we would very much appreciate your support in helping us to secure this recognition and validate our efforts in bringing about positive change within our industry.

All it takes is one click! Head over to the official voting page HERE and show your support for our ground-breaking methanol-fueled initiative!