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Auramarine Asia Sales team

With world-class expertise in fuel systems, Auramarine is committed to providing optimal support to its customers in the marine, power and process industries around the globe with high-performance solutions and superior services.  

Auramarine Asia was established in Shanghai in 2001 and has been deeply involved in the Chinese and Asian markets for more than 20 years. In April this year, the grand opening ceremony of Auramarine Asia’s Jinshan factory, which will enhance Auramarine’s service delivery capabilities, was held in Shanghai. 

Get to know us 

Auramarine Asia has a dedicated sales team to better serve our customers in the region. If you have any questions regarding product purchasing, technology, etc., please feel free to contact our professional team.  The sales team members can be contacted as follows (in order from left to right in the picture above): 


  •  Arto Savolainen, General Manager of Auramarine Asia 

Since 1st April 2023, Arto Savolainen is responsible for overseeing the operations and performance of Auramarine Asia Ltd. Mr. Savolainen has extensive experience in several management positions in project industry. 


  • Qilin Ma (Owen), Sales Manager 

Joined Auramarine in 2018 with many years of experience in the technical sales industry, and is currently responsible for the sales of Auramarine spare parts but not limited from other Lifecycle Services. 


Tel: +86 – 187 2131 1908 


  • Binbin Huang, Sales Assistant 

Joined Auramarine in 2009, has long experience in several positions in the company, currently mainly responsible for quotation preparation and sales activity support. 


Tel: +86 134 8220 8108 

Auramarine Asia new factory

Auramarine Asia new factory in Jinshan


Contact Auramarine Asia 

In addition to contacting the sales team members listed above directly, you are also welcome to contact Auramarine Asia if you have any other general enquiries: 

+86 21 31021899 

+86 21 67104305 

Address: A2 Jinshan Industrial Park, No. 288 Jinge Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai 201506, China. 


New products 

For sales of new products in China, please contact our partner Hua Hai Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. 

Tel: +852 2851 7783 



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