Auramarine at Envirotech for Shipping Forum 2022

Envirotech Rotterdam 2022

(All photos: IGGS Group)

Auramarine joined the maritime industry at the EnviroTech for Shipping Forum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in October 2022.  

The energy transition is high on everyone’s priority list

With mounting pressure from regulators and consumers for the shipping industry to operate more sustainably, the energy transition is high on everyone’s priority list. As a pioneer in marine fuel supply solutions, Auramarine recognises that collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to navigating through this momentous, unprecedented transformation.   

We were delighted to be part the Envirotech for Shipping Forum, organised by the IGGS Group.  

Representatives from many sectors within the maritime industry were present, and we met with various ship owners, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, shipbuilders, repair businesses and other companies to discuss the energy transition, and share insight on our latest advancements and solutions for shipping.  

Different perspectives on how to achieve decarbonisation

It was clear that all the attendees were united in their belief that it is important to accelerate decarbonisation efforts as soon as possible. But without a single ‘silver bullet’ solution for all maritime players, there are different perspectives on how to achieve decarbonisation most effectively.  

Many owners and operators are increasingly interested in artificial intelligence (AI), automated data handling and digitalisation to provide ‘smart’ solutions. Elsewhere, there was interest in carbon capture and storage technology, battery powered ships and autonomous vessels. However, the most interesting points of discussion were about the future fuels mix.  

There was significant interest in biofuels among the attendees, as well as other future fuels, including methanol and ammonia. During panel discussions, it was claimed that greener fuels are expected to make up two-thirds of the marine fuel market in the future. That said, there remain concerns over the availability and safety of these new fuels, as well as storage in ports. 

From conversations with ship owners and operators during the event, they require knowledgeable, flexible partners to guide them on the best solutions for their fleets. With the multiple pathways available, we take a holistic, fuel-agnostic approach to creating fuel supply systems for greener fuels. We are confident that with our knowledge of marine fuels and lifecycle services offering, we will help all our current and future customers manage the complexities of the industry’s energy transition. 

Thank you to the organisers for hosting a fantastic event – it was extremely valuable to connect with our maritime friends, and continue working together to achieve a more sustainable industry together.  

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