Meet our summer trainees for 2022

Trainees 2022 Elmeri Ylitalo_Jimmy Itkonen

In previous years, Auramarine has been able to offer a number of summer trainee positions to support our existing teams, enabling us to provide job opportunities for young and enthusiastic professionals in the early stages of their careers. 

Each summer trainee often works with us for two to four months, helping our teams during summer vacations, and giving us fresh insights and new perspectives for our operations. For these interns, such periods can run in tandem with their academic studies, and help to launch their careers! 

This year we have two interns, one in logistics and the other in spare parts sales team. Read more about Jimmy and Elmeri from below: 

 Jimmy Itkonen, Logistics Coordinator Trainee

1. Tell us briefly about yourself 

“I am Jimmy Itkonen, originally from Porvoo but I currently live in Turku where I’m in my second year of studying Business Logistics at Turku University of Applied Sciences. I have previously worked mainly in production, including assembling refrigeration machines and airport lighting.” 

 2. How did you start at Auramarine?

“I heard about Auramarine for the first time from my classmate. I became even more interested in the company after reading the school assignment about Auramarine. After spotting the announcement of the summer internship, I didn’t have to think twice about applying.” 

3. What do you expect from a summer of work at Auramarine?

“I look forward to working in the field I’m studying as well as applying in working life what I have learned in school. My target is to learn as much as possible about things related to the field that will certainly be useful in my future career.” 

 4.  How do you spend your free time?

“I spend my free time mainly with motorcycles and playing sports. I usually go to the gym but in winter I also do downhill skiing. As a new hobby, I have started photography. My interest in photography has grown as it allows me to develop my own creative side.” 

5. Your previous best or funniest summer work memory

“I have been very lucky to have summer jobs with good memories and Auramarine is no exception. However, the most memorable moment is from last summer when I was working in a company manufacturing airport lights. The summer was very warm, which was only intensified when working next to the hot plastic melting machines and it was consistently over 30 degrees inside the factory. The good thing was that the company offered ice creams to workers throughout the summer. This was a dream of a Finnish worker!” 


Elmeri Ylitalo, Spare Parts Sales Trainee 

1. Tell us briefly about yourself 

“My name is Elmeri Ylitalo and I’m from Turku. For the last few years I have been working as a teacher of information technology in an adult education center. Despite my IT background, I decided to apply to study mechanical engineering at Turku University of Applied Sciences.” 

2. How did you start at Auramarine?

“I applied for the position after my friend, who is working at Auramarine, suggested the company to me. I thought that would be a great summer internship for a mechanical engineering student.” 

 3.  What do you expect from a summer of work at Auramarine?

“I look forward to gaining a lot of new knowledge and experience about marine technology and international trading in my job in spare parts sales. In particular, I hope to greatly increase my technical skills during the summer, as I will be able to familiarise myself with the functions and purposes of the many different devices in the fuel systems of ships.” 

 4. How do you spend your free time?

“In my spare time, there may often be several different hobby projects going on. Depending on the season, they are usually related to information technology, cars, camping or photography. I also really like travelling, and in the summer, I try to spend as much time as possible exploring Finnish nature.” 


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