Meet our Summer Trainees for 2021

Auramarine summer trainees 2021

In the picture Auramarine trainees Verner Helkkula, Ville Riihimäki, Olli Kiilo and Rosanna Mäkelä


In previous years, Auramarine has been able to offer a number of summer trainee positions to support our existing teams, enabling us to provide job opportunities for young and enthusiastic professionals in the early stages of their careers.

Each summer trainee often works with us for two to four months, helping our teams during summer vacations, and giving us fresh insights and new perspectives for our operations. For these interns, such periods can run in tandem with their academic studies, forming an important start for their careers!

This year we have two interns in our Spare Parts Sales team:

Verner Helkkula is a 23-year-old student originally from Naantali, but nowadays he lives in Turku where he is studying logistics at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Verner gained a position with Auramarine via one of his course assignments, where a group of students were tasked with mapping the company’s logistics operations. He first started as an intern at Auramarine in the spring in our logistics department, after which he was offered a summer job on the Spare Parts Sales team.

When he was asked about what he thought the best part of his job was, Verner said it was the chance to get in touch and build relationships with our global customer network: “It is so meaningful for me to possess a job that challenges me, pushing me to really consider and search for suitable spare parts for our customers, and to strive to ensure that customers choose the best of Auramarine’s offering now and in the future.”

In his free time, Verner is interested in playing and watching sports such as badminton, as well as ice hockey playoffs in the spring. Outside of sport, he has a passion for information technology, ships, and the shipping industry, making his summer work at Auramarine all the more worthwhile.

Olli Kiilo is a 25-year-old student from Pori, currently attending Satakunta University of Applied Sciences to learn about electrical automation. Outside of his studies, Olli is also an experienced salesman, working in domestic electronics amongst other positions, including a sales assistant in a staffing company.

Whilst looking for a summer job in Turku, a friend working at Auramarine recommended that Olli apply for the position. He said: “The position combines both sales and engineering really well, giving me valuable experience in multiple areas. This summer job is also enabling me to get my final internship approved so I’m very happy to have received this opportunity.”

Outside of work and studying, Olli spends his time exercising in various forms, mainly in the gym and playing racket games – including padel tennis, tennis, and badminton. He also has several other more technical hobbies, such as technology in various forms, cryptocurrencies, cars, and following the national ice hockey league. He also loves cooking.

The Logistics team will be assisted by Rosanna already working in her second summer:

Originating from Mynämäki, Rosanna Mäkelä is 24-years-old and has been living in Turku for the past four years during her logistics studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences, where she will be graduating in the spring as a Bachelor of Business Administration of Logistics.

Rosanna has already worked for Auramarine before, spending time last summer as a Logistics Coordinator Trainee. Having worked so well supporting the team, we were very pleased to be able to ask her to return to work with us once again! In her first summer role, Rosanna noticed the open trainee position on one of her school’s email listings. After giving it some thought and speaking with two of Rosanna’s friends who already worked at Auramarine, they encouraged her to apply.

Rosanna commented: “Unsurprisingly, I’ve had a great start to this year’s works experience, being able to enjoy the familiarity of having the same tasks as last summer. I remembered most of the details from my previous work, but it was great to be able to use the new introduction material provided to check I remembered all those details correctly. The best part of this job is the atmosphere of the team, all of my great Auramarine co-workers, and the diversity of work and tasks provided.”

In her leisure time, Rosanna likes to paint abstract, floral and landscape paintings, as well as jog in the forest, both of which Rosanna finds very relaxing.

At the Auramarine warehouse, we have our newest intern Ville helping the team during the summer:

Ville Riihimäki, a 24-year-old from Paimio, started his summer work at one of our Auramarine warehouses at the beginning of June where he has been familiarizing himself with our warehouse working practices. Prior to working with Auramarine, Ville has experience working within the retail sector.

Responsible for the handling, packing, and sending of spare parts to customers, we operate with only a small warehouse team, so it is fantastic to have Ville onboard as an extra pair of hands to help. In his warehouse position, Ville will get to know basic warehouse operations and, of course, our line of products and spare parts offerings for the maritime, power, and process industries.

During Ville’s spare time, he likes to play video games and watch livestreams. However, he expects he will be in good company during his casual work with the team this summer.

We also asked from our trainees, which of the Auramarine values they empathise with the most and why:

“I choose Appreciation. I like to think that I am polite, helpful, and listen attentively to those I appreciate in my work.” – Ville

“An easy answer would be to say that I am a collection of all four! However, I would have to choose Reliability over all of the options. I think it is especially important that our customers find it easy to collaborate and work alongside Auramarine – both now, and in the future. That is why it is important for our customers to know us as a reliable supplier.” – Verner

“All of the Auramarine’s values are equally important to me. The company’s values crystallize and summarize the company’s culture really well.” – Olli

“I would probably say Appreciation is most important to me, because this value is most evident in all of my own work assignments. Everyone is ready to help each other when needed and genuinely values each other’s work. Words like “thank you” and “please” are amongst everyone’s everyday vocabulary. Besides this, my second choice would be the Will to improve. I want to constantly improve myself so that I can work in the best possible way; it is clear that at Auramarine, every department and individual wants to develop and improve their overall operations – which is really admirable to see.” – Rosanna

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