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Spare part clearance sale

You can now get up to 50% off our range of effective and efficient spare parts.

Available globally for rapid delivery, all spare parts in the sale are brand new or unused stock and of high quality. Quantities of specific stock items are limited, so make sure not to miss out and place your order soon.

To find out what spare parts we have available, please see the below list of clearance sale items. This list will be updated regularly while stocks last, however due to high demand and status update intervals, we cannot guarantee 100% availability for all items shown.

For further details, please contact us and ensure that the spare parts ordered are suitable and compatible for your system.

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Ordering codeNameTechnical specificationPcs in stock
AFM000916Ball bearing6211 ZZ C325
AFM000944Ball bearing6307-Z S1, d35, D80, 2110
AFM000914Ball bearing6209 ZZ C39
AG01420Ball bearing6307 S1 IBC9
AG01140Ball bearing6304 S1 IBC16
AFM001057Ball bearing6304 C3, d20, D52, 152
AG00950Ball bearing6306 ZZ C312
AFM000915Ball bearing6210 ZZ C323
AFM000920Ball bearing6309 ZZ C3, d45, D100, 2517
AFM001107Ball bearing6309 2RS C3, d45, D100, 258
AFM000917Ball bearing6304 ZZ C3, d20, D52, 1511
AFM000939Ball bearing6303-Z S1, d17, D40, 128
AFM000923Ball bearing6204 2RS C3, d20, D47, 141
AFM000919Ball bearing6308 ZZ C3, d40, D90, 2320
AFM000921Ball bearing6306 2RS C3, d30, D72, 1940
AFM000925Ball bearing6206 2RS C3, d30, D62, 1616
AFM000911Ball bearing6202 ZZ C3, d15, D35, 117
AFM000918Ball bearing6305 ZZ C3, d25, D62, 171
AFM000912Ball bearing6203 ZZ C3, d17, D40, 125
AFM000897Ball bearing61800-2Z, d10, D19, 55
AFM001159Filter multimantle element2., DN65, 37um, B&K1
AFM001001Filter multimantle element1. NW 65, 34µm1
AFM000880Filter multimantle element2., DN80, 37um, FTR14
AFM000956Candle support6.60/6.61 10µm33
AFM000936Candle support6.62, 34µm1
AFM000069Digital controllerE5EN4
AF00681Digital controllerE5EK10
AF00679Digital controllerE5EK10
AFM000468Filter element2., 37um, B&K1
M020086Filter element1174804,37um,6.23/24.1 DN40/507
AFM000032Filter element2., DN80, 25um, B&K2
M020092Filter element1940185,37um,6.72.1 DN652
AFM000784Filter elementBypass, 34um, 6.21.1, DN502
AFM000781Filter elementMain filter, 34um, 6.21.1, DN501
AFM000867Filter element6.72.1, DN40, 25um, FTR1
AFM000473Filter elementFC1092.M500.VS, 500um,FF10891
AFM000998Filter element2.04.5 NW 40, 300µm3
AM01297Filter insert450*9804
AM01228Filter insert, By-pass1181302240 FC1240.M035.XS (087-35)11
S020004Filter, oilFF1088M035VS00GT24S,35um,Rp1 1/2″2
AM07464Flow meter, MassDN151
M002616Flow meter, VolumetricDN25, 125°C1
M002617Flowmeter, VolumetricDN25, 180°C2
M002615Flow meter, VolumetricDN25, 125°C2
M002663Flow meter, volumetricDN40, 125°C1
M002632Flow meter, VolumetricDN40, 180°C1
M002621Flowmeter, VolumetricDN40, 180°C,2
M002635Flow meter, VolumetricDN50, 180°C7
M002640Flow meter, VolumetricDN50, 180°C2
AM03720Flow meter, VolumetricDN50, 180°C1
M021449Electric motorIEC80, 1.1kW15
AM03802Electric motorIEC112 4,6 kW3
AM00888Pump + Motor, Electric3000 rpm 0-1 bar, abt. max. 6m3/h (3600 rpm 0-1 bar, abt. max. 16m3/h)2
S005558Pump + Motor, Electric3000 rpm 0-1 bar, abt. max. 8m3/h (3600 rpm 0-1 bar, abt. max. 18m3/h)2
M000031Pump, screwDN40
Feeder 2900rpm, 0-4 bar, 75 cSt max. 9.17 m3/h (3500 rpm 11.2 m3/h)
Booster 2900rpm 4-10 bar, 20 cSt max. 8.08 m3/h (3500 rpm 10.1 m3/h) , Class DNV
M000031Pump, screwDN40
Feeder 2900rpm, 0-4 bar, 75 cSt max. 9.17 m3/h (3500 rpm 11.2 m3/h)
Booster 2900rpm 4-10 bar, 20 cSt max. 8.08 m3/h (3500 rpm 10.1 m3/h), Class BV 
AFS000340Valve, 3/2, actuator, switch, solenoid776035L,DA75,NA54,RC1990,DN50,24VAC1
S004708Valve, ControlKE73 DN25/Kv4+PN9220E1
S002090Valve, control, 2/2, motorKE73,AEL51212,DN25/KV4.0,PN25,220V2
S002050Valve, control, 2/2, motorKE73D,EL51212,DN32/KV16,PN16,115V1
S020105Valve, control, 2/2, motorKE73,EL5602,DN32/KV10,PN25,110V1
S020139Valve, control, 2/2, motor23.441, PRE2.2, DN20/KV4,PN25,230V1
S020131Valve, control, 3/2, motor23.440,PRE2.2,DN40/KV25,PN25,230V1
M021333Valve, control, self actingKA33, DN15/2.8, GG, PN161
M021479Valve, control, self actingKX33, DN20/4.64, GG,  PN161
M021486Valve, non return2026, DN20, PN404
M021544Valve, non returnGB-019, DN40, PN161
M021520Valve, non-return, predefined loadRHV15LR, 15L, Rs1/2″, St, 0.5bar2
M021516Valve, non-return, predefined loadRHD22L, 22L, St, 2bar5
M021535Valve, non-return, predefined loadRHD10L, 10L, St, 2bar10
AM02812Valve, OverflowRSn1-1/2,R1 1/2″,GGG40.3,Viton,4bar2
AM02857Valve, Pressure reliefDB9 SO, DN801
AFM001072Valve, Pressure relief5.3 D, Rp3/8? for heat exchanger2
M021499Valve, safety851 BF-8, Rp1/2″, 8bar4
AM02886Valve, SafetyNI 1.1 C-15 bar, R1/2″1
M021495Valve, safety06-205, Rs1/2″, 8 bar1
AM05317Valve, Safety04-205 (for air), 7 bar, R 1/4″5
AM02968Valve, Shut off223 SGS/BW SCH40+AT100DA, DN251
M021652Valve, solenoid8240700.9101,2/2, Rp2″,24V,NC3
AM03067Valve, Solenoid2623077.3062.110.50, 5/2, Eexm IIT53
M002754Valve, solenoidNA54N-15-02,5/2,Rp1/4″,230V10
M002757Valve, solenoid8010777.3036,3/2,Rp1/4″,230V2
M002750Valve, solenoidNA34N-15-02,3/2,Rp1/4″,24V,NC4
M002756Valve, solenoid2623077.3036,5/2,Rp1/4″,110V1
M002761Valve, solenoidSCE238A001,2/2,Rp3/8″,110V1
M004032Valve, solenoidNA34N-15-02,3/2,Rp1/4″,24V2
M004030Valve, solenoid9711000.3050,5/2,Rp1/4″,230V5
M021660Valve, solenoid8240000.9131,2/2,Rp1/4″,230V,NC1