Auramarine provides Confidence Power Rangpur Limited 112 MW power station with fuel supply units 

Confidence Power Rangpur Ltd power plant. Photo courtesy of Confidence Group

The Confidence Power Rangpur Limited power station started commercial operation in August 2019. The station delivers a total power output of 112 MW, utilising both Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Light Fuel Oil (LFO - also known as diesel) for combustion with a total of 16 generators.

Rapid response to energy needs

This state-of-the-art power station was built in response to Bangladesh’s rapidly increasing power demand and to further support the country’s rapid economic growth. Power is generated by means of internal combustion engines. This type of power plant, based on internal combustion engines,  allows for shorter construction lead time in comparison with other power plant types.

Auramarine's delivery scope

Auramarine equipment serves the production of a 50 MW share of the station’s total power output. The equipment is used for fuel pumping, filtering impurities, heating, viscosity control, and many other functions to ensure that the fuel reaches the power station engines and is correctly pressurised, cleaned and at the right temperature.

Auramarine's delivery scope at Confidence Power Rangpur Limited includes:

  • Seven Fuel Supply Units AMB-L-15-S-LT with steam heaters serving 7.195 MW engine power each
  • One Feeder Unit AMF-L-50 for Heavy fuel oil (HFO) operation
  • One Feeder Unit AMF-L-50 for Light fuel oil (LFO) operation
  • Commissioning service to secure correct function of the fuel supply system

Auramarine was able to respond to both the required delivery schedule and all the required technical features.